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2017 June 20 I went to Mt.Chausu.

2017 June 20     I went to Mt.Chausu.

2017 June 20 I went to Mt.Chausu. Mt. Chausu is an active volcano. Altitude is 1,915m. Grid : PM97xd Marker : 37° 7' 32'' N 139° 57' 51'' E Fair weather, north wind, wind speed 1 knot. The temperature is about 20. 70cm FM 1W and 6 QSO. 6m FM no contact . It was a volcano, but an insect was a lot on the mountaintop and gave up setting an antenna. so handy whip only. More pict :

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2017/04/28 Mt Hangetu Altitude is 1750 m ,PM96rq


Mt Hangetu Altitude is 1750 m ,PM96rq Marker: 36° 42' 24'' N 139° 28' 30'' E I tried 40mSSB using Bitx40. but condition is not so good. So setup 70cm 3ele and TH-K40 1W. I had 4 contacts. The longest distance is 200 km to the Izu peninsula. de JH1DIS

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Inspiring sights, Yoshio. (This morning, I ordered an enclosure for my portable RX project. Keep inspiring me and I might eventual... Read More
Saturday, 29 April 2017 14:17
Good morning Matthew.   I hope the RX project will be completed soon. Spring at altitudes above 1000 m will be in mid-May. Yoshio ... Read More
Saturday, 29 April 2017 21:16
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JH1DIS Local Park

JH1DIS  Local Park

I wen to local Mizumoto Park , 7km from my home QTH, Location : Lat 35.794146 Lon 139.869175 PM95wt This time test and check 5 band MLA (40m,17m,15m 12m and 10m) WX fine and Cherry tree full bloom, North wind 8 knots, temperature 13 degrees. Slightly cold. Starting time 14:00 (Local time) and only 40m . Worked 2 QSO mode JT65 500km. Well A problem happened. It was poor in the contact of antenna connector, So SWR became up/dowm.

JH1DIS yoshio

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Nice photos!
Thursday, 13 April 2017 13:23
Thanks , I had good time !!
Friday, 14 April 2017 08:26
Thank you for sharing this. It is lovely to see a magloop out and about. I would like to do likewise.
Tuesday, 18 April 2017 15:14
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JH1DIS //spring activity days 20170401

JH1DIS //spring activity days 20170401

I went to Miura Peninsula on April 1. (35° 15' 20'' N139° 36' 46'' E ) PM95tg.The altitude is 160 m high. The weather was rain, temperature 7 degrees, north wind 12~15 knots(max). So The operation in a car. FT-817 Signaling USB , Bluetooth GPS for JT65/JT9 time sync. The antenna is mobile whip.I prepared for EFHW and MLA, but did not set it up because it was rainy. Lithium polymer battery 5100mA, The PC works with internal organs battery for ten hours.

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Israel and Moscow, Sochi were surprised. Tasmania Indonesia can QSO easily with sea surface reflection. I did not think Sergey RU0ALK(Achinsk) QSO at SSB. He picked me up. I had 9 QSO. JT65 17m 4Z5ML 9000km , Israel He pick my signal -26 . Vk7YUM 8500km Tasmania RX3DTN Moskovskaya YB6DE Indonesia UN8PY Kazakhstan UN7LZ Kazakhstan PSK31 15m RW6AU 8000km Sochi SSB 17m JS6EOG Okinawa and RU0ALK Achinsk, Krasnoyarsky(4000Km)

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Yoshio, that is cool! And let's try MLA! We are waiting for your MLA experience! ))
Tuesday, 04 April 2017 22:50
Hello Vitaly I try MLA at next week. It is a rainy forecast this weekend.
Thursday, 06 April 2017 11:53
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