Special prize for most distant QSO

We announce a competition for all Marathon participants for most distant QSO by CW, SSB and DIGI in two groups: QRP (5 watts) and QRPP (1 watt). An additional prize will be issued for most distant QSO established by power 500 mW or less.

Application with:
— call sign;
— QSO data;
— equipment and power used;
— distance from applicant to the correspondent;
— both WW-Locators
should be sent until January, 10 2016 to e-mail .

Subject of your message should contain your callsign and word "competition".

The results of the competition will published on our website of 17 January, 17 2017.

Special prize for the largest number of QSO via satellites

Jubilee Pennant by Yuri Gagarin's Cosmonaut Training Center

Jubilee pennant issued in limited edition by Yuri Gagarin's Cosmonaut Training Center is signed especially for us by Russian Cosmonaut Alexander Volkov, U4MIR. Granted by Club Station RT3F of Yuri Gagarin's Cosmonaut Training Center.

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