The main tasks of the awards program are:

  • presentation of the Russian protected nature system to the world radio amateur community;
  • motivation and involvement of Russian radio amateurs to conduct radio contacts (hereinafter — the QSO) over the World from territory of Specially Protected Nature Areas (hereinafter — the SPNA);
  • increasing the activity of Russian radio amateurs conducting QSO outdoor from SPNAs;
  • increasing the interest of the radio amateurs community to conduct QSO with Russian radio amateurs operating outdoors from the SPNAs.

General Terms

The “Russian Flora and Fauna” awards program consists of two parts:

  • World Wide Flora and Fauna” series, the awards are established by the national RFF-WWFF initiative team within the framework of the international “World Wide Flora and Fauna” (WWFF) awards program in conjunction with WWFF Committee;
  • Sanctuary Russia” series, national awards are established by the national RFF-WWFF initiative team (hereinafter — the RFF Team).

All licensed radio amateurs and Short Wave Listeners (hereinafter — the SWL) over the World can take part in the “Russian Flora and Fauna” awards program. Participants of the “Russian Flora and Fauna” awards program can act both as “Hunters” and as “Activators”. Activators are radio amateurs operating outdoor from SPNAs. Hunters are radio amateurs who are in any place and establish QSO (or SWL's) with Activators.

The Activator himself and all his radio equipment — transmitter and receiver (transceiver), antennas, power supplies, etc. — should be within the boundaries of the currently activated SPNA.

Only SPNAs, registered in the national RFF Directory, are counted for the “Russian Flora and Fauna” award program. These SPNAs have unique designations (hereinafter the “references”) of the form RFF-nnnn, where nnnn is a unique four-digit number. The national RFF Directory is published and maintained on the website of the RFF team.
The SPNAs, counted for the “World Flora and Fauna” part, should also be registered in the WWFF Directory, published and maintained on the WWFF website.
The reference numbering is completely identical in the national RFF Directory and WWFF Directory. The references missing in the WWFF Directory are specifically marked in the national RFF Directory as “national”.

In order for the reference to be credited for an Activator, he have to make in total at least 44 QSO from there. The duration and attempt quantity for conducting of these 44 QSO are not limited.
The reference is credited to a Hunter regardless to the number of QSO conducted by an Activator.

Each reference is credited to Activators and Hunters only once, regardless of the correspondent, band and mode of QSO.

The QSOs are counted if they made using any legal output power according to the radio amateur license, by any mode, on any radio amateur bands. QSO, conducted using repeaters (excluding ones placed on SAT — artificial Earth satellites), Echolink, Hamsphere, etc. — do not count.

Logs for RFF activation should be sent in the ADIF format to email address of the RFF log-manager along with proofs of the Activator's disposition in the corresponding SPNA in the coincident period. Necessary proof, confirming that the activator was located on the corresponding SPNA in the corresponding period are GPS tracks of the activator’s arrival to the site and departure from the site in format of GPX or KML (KMZ) files recorded by activator’s navigation device (automotive or touring GPS-navigator, smartphone). Log and proofs can be accepted by the RFF log-manager after their verifying, and accepted log will be uploaded to the WWFF LogSearch database on the WWFF web site (excluding references not registered in the WWFF Directory). QSO will be credited to Activators and Hunters since being uploaded to WWFF LogSearch (or acception by RFF log-manager for “national” references).

Continue reading:

“Russian Flora and Fauna”. General Terms
“World Wide Flora and Fauna” series
Certificates issued
“Sanctuary Russia” series
About RFF Directory
Appendix 1. Entities of the Russian Federation and Federal Districts, their designations in the RFF Directory
Appendix 2. Territories of the Russian Federation and their designations based on the “R-150-S” award's list

RFF Award program in one file, PDF, 183 kB, v. 1.02


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Version 1.02
The definition of the proof, confirming the presence of the activator on the corresponding protected area in the corresponding period is clarified. From now on, GPS tracks are necessary proof.

Appendix 1: Buryatia Republic and Zabaykalskiy Krai have got another Federal District — Dalnevostochny instead of Sibirsky due to reassignment.

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