will take place from 00:00 UTC of June 17 to 23:59 UTC of June 19, 2016.

We invite to participate all interested HAMs, as owners of the YAESU transceiver and owners of transceivers of any other brand. The rules of these Activity Days are similar to the rules of Seasonal Activity Days with the exception of:

— the owner of the YAESU transceiver, who will establish the largest number of QSOs will win the Radio amateur's World Map by YAESU;

— owners of YAESU transceivers, who will take 2nd and 3rd places, as well as a radio amateur who will establish the largest number of QSOs among the owners of transceivers by other brands will win YAESU brand Calendars for 2016.

Prizes provided by the official representative of YAESU in Russia and will be sent to winners free of charge.

Photos of equipment used in the activity days are required from applicants for prizes.
Other participants of activity days will be able to improve their ranking in the Marathon, or to become a party and get the Certificate of the Marathon Participant (www.outdoorqrp.org/certificate).

Organizers of Outdoor QRP AG are not claim for prizes.

Logs for participating in Activity Days in ADIF or Cabrillo format should be sent until June, 26 inclusive to e-mail box . Please include in the subject line your callsign and YAESU

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