This short, 2.5 minute video, "Sanctuary Russia" was created to mark the 100th anniversary of Russian protected nature system and was shown on Priroda TV channel as part of the Year of Ecology and the Year of the Specially Protected Natural Territories (2017). Besides that, it is freely available on YouTube. But, most probably, people who are not “obsessed” with the Flora-Fauna theme, did not even see it at all.

We just decided to pay your attention to it. Probably, it would be good to create a nook on our website, where to place the most interesting, in our opinion, videos about nature, reserves, etc. Someone prefers to look for and watch such things on their own — no problems, everything is in open access. Someone will probably find it more convenient to watch passingly something here. And, perhaps, random watching of something here will prompt someone to look for and see something interesting on the big Internet without our meddling help.