On 20–23.V.2019 new references RFF-0754…0915 were added to the Directories on the WWFF and our web site for 14 Entities of the Russian Federation (RF Entity), having each only 2 valid RFF-reference earlier:

  • Adygeya, Republic (R6Y) — 5 references;
  • Altayskiy Krai (R9Y) — 24 references;
  • Belgorodskaya oblast (R3Z) — 12 references;
  • Ingushetiya, Republic (R6Q) — alas, no new references were added;
  • Kabardino-Balkariya, Republic (R6X) — 8 references;
  • Komi, Republic (R9X) — 11 references;
  • Magadanskaya oblast (R0I) — 8 references;
  • Mariy El, Republic (R4S) — 5 references;
  • Mordovia, Republic (R4U) — alas, no new references were added;
  • Nizhegorodskaya oblast (R3T) — 17 references;
  • Novgorodskaya oblast (R1T) — 14 references;
  • Permskiy Krai (R9F) — 11 references;
  • Tyva, Republic (R0Y) — 12 references;
  • Chuvashia, Republic (R4Y) — 3 references;

…as well as, in addition to the plan,, in Stavropolskiy Krai (R6H), Bryanskaya (R3Y) and Moscow (R3D) oblasts.

In general, for these RF entities the situation with SPNAs mentioned in the Information Analytic System “SPNAs of the Russian Federation” (IAS “SPNAs of RF”) and with SPNAs known by the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) does not differ from the situation for Russia in whole. WDPA does not represents the real situation with existing SPNAs even for a third, but at the same time it contains an incredibly many outdated irrelevant data.
I want to add a few words on some of these RF entities.

Mordovia, Republic (R4U)
The very last document related to the protected nature areas was ratified by the Mordovian government about 10 years ago. It was found no more or less actual summary list of the existing protected nature areas of the republic in general, nor even at least one individual Regulations of some protected nature area with coordinates of boundaries was not found. Some of SPNAs have approximal verbal descriptions of boundaries, related to settlements, forest quarters, etc.
Moreover, it is not yet possible to verify the validity status of “existing” protected nature areas.
Additional investigations are required.

Nothing new was added.

Ingushetiya, Republic (R6Q)
The IAS “SPNA of RF” contains records for three SPNAs — 2 acting and 1 still prospective area.

The acting SPNAs already have their RFF references. Nothing new is added in Ingushetia.

Belgorodskaya oblast (R3Z)
is one of the richest RF Entity for protected nature areas.
IAS “SPNA of RF” — 360 acting SPNAs, including:
— 1 strict nature reserve (zapovednik, IUCN I);
— 133 natural reserves (zakaznik, IUCN IV);
— 97 nature monuments (IUCN III);
— 17 nature parks (IUCN II);
— 3 botanical gardens (arboretums);
— 109 another SPNAs.

The WDPA contains 309 entries, at least two thirds of them are garbage. The WDPA does know no one of the largest reserves of oblast, but it contains a lot of obsolete records.

Separate Regulations for many SPNAs, dated back to 1995 (!), contain precisely drawn diagrams and tables of border turning point coordinates in the local coordinate system. I have not yet met such orderliness in any other RF Entity. People work!

For now we have assigned RFF-references to only 12 small SPNAs with area of ​​58–290 ha “thanks to” the WWFF related to the WDPA.

Kabardino-Balkariya, Republic (R6X)
The WDPA has a total of 12 entries, 2 of them have valid RFF-references, 1 SPNA is lost and 1 has 20 hectares area.
The remaining 8 SPNAs have got their RFF-references.

The IAS “SPNA of RF” contains records about 33 acting SPNAs.

Magadanskaya oblast (R0I)
The SPNA Cadastre of the Magadanskaya oblast dated by Nov. 30, 2018 contains entries for 41 SPNAs of regional and local significance, there are also 2 PAs of federal significance.

The WDPA knows for 14 SPNAs, 4 of them are already lost long time ago.

The IAS “SPNA of RF” contains records about 54 acting SPNAs.

The discrepancy between the number in the Cadastre and the IAS “SPNA of RF” is explained simply (in Russian): http://vesma.today/news/post/5076-meriya-magadana-likvidirovala
We can only guess about the motives of the local "lords".

References were assigned to all 8 acting SPNAs, known to the WDPA. The rest of the territories in Magadan and the surrounding area, such as Snow Valley, Dukchinskaya Valley, Korean Creek, Svetlaya, Merry Creek, Cold Creek, etc., will be assigned as soon as possible.

ll natural reserves are of huge size, are located very far from Magadan and, mostly, have no settlements or roads nearby.

Chuvashia, Republic (R4Y)
WDPA knows less than a dozen of the 138 acting SPNAs listed in the IAS “SPNA of RF”.

The leapfrog around “Zavolzhye” nature park, has been going on for over than 20 years, has so far hardly come to anything. In 2017 it was created only a tiny, little more than 2 thousand hectares, natural reserve of three separate fragments scattered on the place of a gigantic nature park of more than 40 thousand hectares, destroyed with efforts of local busybodies.

RFF-references are assigned to only three Chuvash special protected nature areas.

Komi, Republic (R9X)
WDPA — 329 objects in total, including:
— 1 strict nature reserve (zapovednik, IUCN I);
— 1 National Park (IUCNII);
— 179 natural reserves (zakaznik, IUCN IV);
— 38 genetic reserves (!?);
— 107 nature monuments (IUCN III).

IAS “SPNA of RF” — 239 acting SPNAs:
— 1 strict nature reserve (zapovednik, IUCN I);
— 1 National Park (IUCNII);
— 168 natural reserves (zakaznik, IUCN IV);
— 3 botanical gardens (arboretums);
— 1 protected landscape (IUCN V);
— 65 nature monuments (IUCN III).

There were selected objects with an area of ​​100 hectares or more — a total of 199, where 163 are natural reserves (zakazniks).

They were selected from larger to smaller areas and only if detailed information on the boundaries of the territories is available.

Due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of the largest SPNAs of the Komi Republic (RK), it has been decided do not assign RFF-references to them without a special request. All the largest, with an area of ​​350–130 thousand hectares, with the exception of Vymsky, remain without reference.
We chose a few relatively close and accessible territories, mainly near Syktyvkar.
The other SPNAs will be assigned with RFF-references when someone will have an interest for them.

Moscow oblast (R3D)
The accordance of acting SPNAs to WDPA entries is the highest. Regulations, maps and geographical coordinates of the boundaries, descriptions are the most complete. And there is plenty to choose from here. For example, there are still at least 120 SPNAs — candidates for assigning RFF-references along with the already existing 44 RFF-references, and there are 85 of them more than 100 hectares, have detalied maps, descriptions and boundary coordinates.

However, the activators in the Moscow oblast are also some of the most active at the moment.
29 new RFF references in the western part of the oblast have been assigned.


Thus, today we have practically no RF Entities where are fewer than at least three valid RFF-references, except of the Orlovskaya oblast (R3E) with the only RFF-reference, as well as Ingushetia and Mordovia, having only 2 RFF-references each. Unfortunately, the situation here does not depend on us.

The Moscow Region still has the largest number of RFF-references, now numbering already 73 valid RFF-references.
Next behind Moscow oblast is Crimea — 47 + 4, than Bryanskaya oblast — 38 RFF-references.

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