On 18–25.VII.2019 new references RFF-0916…0965 were added to the Directories on the WWFF and our web site for SPNA in 14 Entities of Russian Federation, mainly at the request of prospective local activators:

  • Arkhangelskaya oblast (R1O) — 2 references;
  • Sverdlovskaya oblast (R9C) — 9 references;
  • Permskiy Krai (R9F) — 4 references and
  • Tatarstan, Republic (R4P) — 1 reference.

One of two new references in the Arkhangelskaya oblast, RFF-0921 - Onskiy Biological Zakaznik on an area of ​​20,600 hectares to east from the village of Leshukonskoye in 30+ km on a straight line, turned out to be very difficult to access. The land road indicated on the maps simply did not turn out to be true, like not exist in general. That is either a winter road, or you can get to the Zakaznik only by water up the Mezen River and then the Ona River. It seems like a challenge for real desperate HAMs, LOL.

Our colleagues from the Sverdlovsk Region bothered up the administration of the Visimsky Reserve in order to get info about the exact boundaries of the buffer zone never published before, where is much easier to get into than the main territory, but an activity from there is also valid as a main territory. As a bonus, they have got two new references within the buffer zone boundaries — landscape zakazniks Gora Starik-kamen RFF-0933 and Gora Kameshok RFF-0944.

According to the development plan of the RFF Directory added:

  • Kaluzhskaya oblast (R3X) — 16 references.

In the bundle of the “abismal” lakes (RFF-0472 in Smolenskaya and RFF-0668 in the Bryanskaya oblasts) two more were added — RFF-0940 Bezdonnoye karst lake in the Zhizdrinsky (KG-12) and RFF-0954 Bezdon Lake in the Baryatinsky (KG-08) districts of the Kaluzhskaya oblast.

In general, reading descriptions of natural monuments (there most entirely are natural monuments) of the Kaluzhskaya oblast was so exciting that the wheels are itched to fling out everything and rush to Kaluzhskaya oblast to look at these miracles. Although, in my “own” Moscow oblast, it is not a bone in the truck, and besides that already traditionally,

  • Moscow oblast (R3D) — 18 references with an area of ​​over 1000 ha in the following districts:
    • Dmitrovsky (MO-60)
    • Yegorievsky (MO-62)
    • Kolomensky (MO-67)
    • Lukhovitsky (MO-71)
    • Noginsky (MO-76)
    • Orekhovo-Zuyevsky (MO-79)
    • Pavlovo-Posadsky (MO-80)
    • Sergiyevo-Posadsky (MO-85)
    • MO Shatura (MO-92)
    • Shakhovskoy (MO-93)

Thus, there are already 90 active RFF-references in the Moscow oblast at the moment. At least 60 more protected areas are in queue, available  to assign references.

The next extension of the RFF Directory is expected in September. In the spotlight: Kemerovo, Kostroma, Lipetsk, Ryazan, Vladimir and Yaroslavl.

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