A Press Release shared by Kraig D. Pritts, KA2LHO, the national WWFF coordinator from the United States, informs about a new amateur radio event. It says that during this on-air event will be presented as many North American natural parks and other protected natural areas of Mexico, Canada and the United States as possible.
Information about the planned activations and other news will be published in the Facebook group Get Your Park ON! All operators are encouraged to join this Facebook group.

Kraig himself will be active as an Activator and a Hunter during “Get Your Park ON!” and he hopes that all of us will have wonderful participation from around the world. He adds:
“While this year we are focused on North America WWFF parks, we hope to expand the participation to other countries and regions in future events of this type--perhaps including the entire WWFF global family”.

Original Press Release text is below.

We have almost completed verification of all references in the RFF Directory and now all existing references have published there. Nevertheless, we still have to clarify the reasons for deleting in the past of 27 quite normal references to the still active SPNAs. Perhaps, some of them we will be able to restore.

Besides that, we have added 48 new references: RFF-0522...RFF-0569 to the RFF Directory.

Minor processing in the RFF Handbook touched on 18 references in the range RFF-0308..0331

On the eve of “IARU Region 1 HF Field Day” we have published “Russian Flora and Fauna” award program.
Read, comment, evaluate and take aim, please.

Awards of the WWFF series can be applied, we hope, in the coming weeks, awards of “Sanctuary Russia» series… when you will accomplish it ;-)
Images of the award samples will be published after June.

Sorry, human translation to English will be published in July, up to that time use Google Translate right on the pages, please.

We continue to update the RFF Directory and now we have added last 23 references from RFF-0499 to RFF-0521.

All these references are valid.

Besides, now at the bottom of the main page and on the pages of the section “Russian Flora & Fauna” we publish a table with information about the latest logs, uploaded into WWFF Logsearch.

The “most interesting things”, promised the last time, are a bit delayed for some reasons.

Nevertheless, we continue to update the RFF Directory and now we have added next 25 references starting RFF-0449.

All these references are valid.

We continue to update the RFF Directory and now we have added next 25 references starting RFF-0474.

All these references are valid.

The next 25 references are checked and added to the RFF Directory.

Alas, 14 of them were previously assigned to objects that have no relation to SPNA in general. All these references get the status “not valid”.

The most interesting thing awaits us with the next update. Stay in touch.